Dental Radiographs in Estero, FL

If your pet needs a Dental Radiograph, we understand that you want it to be performed as safely as possible. Here at Sandy Paws Veterinary Hospital, we offer the best and most up-to-date digital radiography in Estero.

What Is a Dental Radiograph?

Digital radiography, also known as digital x-ray, is an advanced diagnostic tool that allows us to determine the bone and dental structures within your pet's mouth and sinuses. It helps us determine the best course of action when performing a full mouth dental procedure on your pet. Full mouth dental x-rays are performed under general anesthesia at the time of the dental procedure.

Dog and cat dental cleanings are not complete without full mouth X-rays. Though in many cases, the visible crown of the tooth may appear normal, Dental Radiographs can reveal problems with the root below. Once all of the teeth have been X-rayed, our veterinarian will review them and decide what treatment, if any, is required for each tooth. At Sandy Paws Veterinary Hospital, all dog and cat dental cleanings include full mouth radiograph. If you would like more information about our Dental Radiographs services, call us at (239) 799-1011 to schedule an appointment today.

The Benefits of Dental Radiographs:

  • Dental Radiographs Have a Higher Image Quality Than Regular Film X-rays
  • They Offer Instant Results, Allow For a Faster Diagnosis
  • There Is Less Radiation Exposure Than With Film X-rays
  • Digital Radiography Is Environmentally Friendly

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